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Security Council

Chair Reports

Sarina Tsai

Sarina Tsai - MUN Photo.JPG

Greetings delegates!


My name is Sarina Tsai, a sophomore at Asia American International Academy, and it is with great pleasure that I serve as your President in the Security Council. HIMUN VIII will be my fifteenth conference and fourth time chairing. I began my MUN journey in 7th grade, starting as a baffled student who was intimidated by the powerful speakers in my committee. Fortunately, with the help of my chairs and fellow peers, I overcame the obstacles I faced, ending my first conference with a newly-founded eagerness to continue my MUN journey. I encouraged myself to speak more with each passing conference and soon began to enjoy the intense crossfires, forming alliances with delegations and bringing about a sense of unity. I have since expanded my knowledge regarding global issues, founded a love for public speaking, and created several lasting friendships. Aside from MUN, I enjoy singing, dancing, and reading. MUN has fueled my passion for debate and left a profound impact on my life, and I hope to spread my love for MUN to you all.


See you in HIMUN VIII!

Deputy President:
Joseph Lin

Hello Delegates,

I am Joseph Lin, a sophomore from Hsinchu County American School and the proud Deputy Chair for the Security Council at HIMUN VIII. While my primary hobbies are coding and math, I have also developed a passion for Model United Nations.

I began my MUN journey in seventh grade, and I still vividly remember trying to calm my nerves and keep pace with the debates in my first conference. HIMUN VIII will be my 14th conference and my first time chairing. To me, MUN is a platform for delegates from diverse nations to advocate for their country's position, raise their global awareness, and consider the perspectives of different countries, NGOs, and stakeholders, and their potential impact and actions on the issue.

Over the years, MUN has taught me not only about politics, history, and geography, but also the courage to share my vision with others and collaborate to address real-world issues. I encourage all delegates to confidently speak and take the podium whenever they feel they can contribute. Please feel free to contact me or Sarina if you have any questions about the issue or this committee in general. I hope you all have a fun and rewarding experience at HIMUN VIII!

Best Regards,

Joseph Lin

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