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Security Council

Chair Reports

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Hello, delegates! My name is Sabrina Gulotty, and I am a junior at Asia American International Academy. This year, I will be President of Security Council (SC) at HIMUN VI. I first began my MUN journey in
the seventh grade; as an inexperienced new delegate, everything from the complicated procedures to the convoluted topics intimidated me. I was hesitant to engage and even more reluctant to speak. However, like all things, I gradually improved with time. By the time of this conference, I will have since attended eighteen conferences and chaired at six. In my experience as both a delegate and a chair, I have watched upperclassmen graduate and underclassmen grow into their roles. Each and every time another conference comes around, I am reminded of the reasons why I love MUN: the intellectually-stimulating debate, the welcoming people, the nuanced issues, and so much more. MUN is an opportunity to discuss worldly issues that affect the lives of millions of people; these ever-relevant topics, when facilitated by procedure and careful diplomacy, can be solved by any delegate willing to collaborate and think openly. As a chair, I also hope to make this conference as fulfilling as possible for you all, so please come to me with any
questions, concerns, or random observations that you’d like to share with me. See you all in March!


Deputy President:


Greetings delegates! 

My name is Hugo Chiang, currently a sophomore at Asia American International Academy. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as your co-chair for the Security Council at HIMUN VI. HIMUN VI will be my ninth conference and my second time chairing. I first began my Model UN journey in my freshman year. During my first conference, I remembered that I didn’t speak much and was nervous throughout the entire conference. After seeing my own incompetency, I wanted to learn more about MUN and speak more in the upcoming conferences. Shortly after my first couple of conferences I slowly grew to like MUN. I began to appreciate the intense debate, the people, and the environment. MUN has taught me the importance of being well-prepared and I encourage everyone to research both issues and reach out to me if you ever need help. I understand the stress that new delegates may feel when they go to their first conference and I encourage each of you to step out of your comfort zones and try something new. Additionally, I strongly recommend paying attention to each POI, speech, and amendment to learn even more about MUN and continuously grow.  I hope to make HIMUN VI a memorable conference for everyone and wish that it’ll be your source of encouragement to continue your MUN journey and become even better. Aside from MUN, you may find me socializing, watching Netflix, running, playing basketball or football, and sleeping. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns either about MUN or anything in general. I look forward to seeing all of you in HIMUN VI. See you soon!


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