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Security Council

Chair Reports



Audrey Wang

Hello delegates! I am Audrey Wang, a senior at the International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park, and it is my utmost honour to serve as your president for this year’s Security Council at HIMUN VII. I first embarked on my MUN career in my sophomore year, and since then, I’ve gained a comprehensive set of experiences that have prepared me not just in the MUN world, but for the international politics scene. While my original motivation for joining MUN was to impress college admissions officers, my love for Model UN has transcended supplementary essays on a glorified, stress-inducing document. I’ve fallen in love with international politics, nerve-wracking debates, complex issues, ambiguous stances, and most of all, the amazing people I’ve met. Apart from the time I spend delegating, debate-moderating, and defenestrating global leaders who reinforce the ubiquity of vitriolic hatred, I skateboard, curate Spotify playlists, sip on overpriced coffee from quaint, locally-sourced coffee shops, read Goodreads reviews of books I’ll never have the time to start and finish, and *occasionally* drag someone on stan Twitter. With that being said, I look forward to seeing everyone at HIMUN VII.


Deputy President:

Coral Hazeldine

Welcome to HIMUN VII delegates!
Hello, my name is Coral Hazeldine, and I am currently a Sophomore at Hsinchu International School. Firstly, I am beyond thrilled and grateful to serve as your Deputy President for the Security Council, as this will be my first official time chairing. HIMUN VII will be my 7th conference and acts as sort of a full circle moment. Funnily enough, I was an admin in HIMUN V, a delegate in HIMUN VI, and now a chair this year! As an admin on the fence about joining the club, I remember hearing schoolmates talk about how MUN was pointless and just extra work. For a while, I believed them until I saw MUN for what it truly was. It is a privilege. As students, we are gifted this opportunity to educate ourselves on the world around us and this platform to have our voices heard. We have the power to make a difference for those not as fortunate as we are. Which I will forever be thankful for. As easy as that may sound, nerves will always come with every conference, especially with newer delegates. This is why dependable and encouraging chairs are so important. For that very reason, I will do everything in my power to ensure delegates have an unforgettable HIMUN experience. Perhaps even inspire one of the admins in the back to return as a delegate next year too. If you have any concerns or queries, however small they may be, I am your girl! I truly cannot wait to meet all of you. See you soon!

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