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ADmin team

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Under Secretary-General of Administration:

Michael Wang

Greetings participants! 


I'm Michael Wang, a senior at Hsinchu International School, and I'm more than honored to be serving as your Under-Secretary-General of Administration. Since 7th grade, I've attended numerous conferences on the island, including HSINMUN, TAIMUN, TASMUN, and most importantly, HIMUN. Witnessing HIMUN I's creation in the first year of my high school career and co-hosting HIMUN VI in the last year of my high school career, HIMUN's importance is unparalleled to me.

Compared to the gifted participants here, I am definitely on the average side. Starting as a quiet delegate, I am still a quiet delegate despite my six years of pushing myself. However, I am a big fan of believing everyone grows at different speeds as long as we keep on improving. So, I have a goal for each one of you. If you spoke once at your last conference, try to speak twice this time. If you are already an avid participator, try to main submit or help other delegates speak up this time! Your goal here is to improve and become a better you in the upcoming two days.

Whether you are a delegate, chair, admin, or press team member, I hope you have an incredible time here at HIMUN VI. This is an opportunity that not many have, so I hope you can cherish every moment of this conference. Finally, I know all of you will definitely grow from this experience, and if any of you want to share your experience, feel free to talk to me during these two days! I will be walking around the school a lot, so please don't hesitate to stop and have a small chat with me!



Head of Administration:

Phoebe Chuang 

Welcome to HIMUN VI!


My name is Phoebe Chuang, and I am currently a senior studying at Hsinchu International School. It is my utmost honor to be serving as your head of admin at the HIMUN VI conference this year.

I began my MUN journey in my junior year, hoping to enhance my public speaking skills. Although this is only my second year of MUN, it has enriched my understanding of current events and sensitive international relations. Before joining MUN, I did not have the courage nor the confidence to share my opinions in front of a group of people. However, after HIMUN V, my first MUN conference, I found myself having the ability to be an active global citizen and share my own voice with other passionate teenagers. Our world needs everyone’s power, just like each MUN conference requires our collaboration. Besides all this, MUN is an excellent opportunity for you to make friends who also have a passion for worldwide issues!

As your head of admin, I hope to create a memorable conference this year. I will assist the Secretariat in ensuring everything is running smoothly, and I look forward to seeing you all!


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