ADmin team

Under Secretary-General of Administration:

Jaida Dean

Welcome to HIMUN V! My name is Jaida Dean, a sophomore at Hsinchu International School. It is an absolute honor for me to serve as your Under-Secretary-General of Administration at this year’s HIMUN V conference. My job in administrations is to organize the logistics of the conference to help ensure that the conference as a whole is well planned and runs smoothly in order to create an atmosphere for the best performance from all participants. 


I started my MUN career in the 7th grade in hopes of improving my public speaking as well as my debating skills. Needless to say, after just one conference, I realized that I had been completely mistaken about what the purpose of MUN was. MUN is not a one time conference where you debate on world issues and create comprehensive resolutions. In fact, MUN is a chance for you to make an impact in our current world, for you to help broaden your knowledge of the world, for you to become problem solvers and critical thinkers. I have attended 15 conferences in my four years of MUN. Through these conferences, I have been able to meet some of the brightest, most engaged people, exercise my public speaking skills as well as stay informed on pressing world issues.  


With that being said, I genuinely hope to create a memorable conference this year, and I look forward to seeing delegates actively participating in the conference to create a better world for future generations. See you at HIMUN V!