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General assembly ONE: Disarmament and international security committee

Chair Reports


Jenny Wu


Greetings delegates! 


My name is Jenny Wu, a sophomore studying at Hsinchu County American School, and it is my utmost honour to serve as your Head Chair in this year's General Assembly 1 Committee. HIMUN VIII will mark my twelfth conference and fourth time participating in this committee.

I vividly recall being a timid delegate who only offered one point of information and a speech during my first conference in HSINMUN. Unfortunately, it wasn't until my second conference, when I engaged with GA1, that I discovered a newfound pleasure for debating in settings that were either excessively formidable or painstakingly tranquil. Over time, MUN ceased to be a mere extracurricular activity and developed into a passion for me. GA1, with its dynamic discussions and diverse perspectives, has solidified its place as one of my favourite committees. Hence, I'm more than eager to share my passion and experience with all of you!


Outside of MUN, you may find me fervently worshipping Taylor Swift, strumming my guitar, binge-watching Netflix, or obsessing over cringe-worthy rom-com novels. Other than that, I would most likely be taking too many notes for AP World History or starting a new page of my novel that I know I'll never finish. 


Whether it's related to MUN or any other topic you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to approach me! With great optimism, I hope that HIMUN VIII will help you bolster your courage in public speaking, enhance your critical thinking skills, and acquire new knowledge about global issues and MUN conference procedures as a whole. 


With that stated, I can't wait to meet you all in March!

Rhys Cheng

Hello MUNers!

My name is Rhys Cheng, and I am a current sophomore at Taoyuan American School. It is my pleasure to be serving as your Co-Chair for General Assembly 1 at this year’s HIMUN conference. HIMUN will be my first time chairing and my 7th conference that I have attended. I have been in MUN since I was in 7th grade and I plan on continuing to be in MUN for the rest of highschool. I believe that MUN is not only about your own ideas but also about having others contribute into creating a better solution for all. Being in MUN has taught me many things like communication, dedication, and cooperation. It has also taught me world events that I never even knew existed! As your Co-Chair I want to make myself as approachable as possible. I want to provide guidance, address doubts, and respond to questions from you whenever you have an issue. I hope everyone can do extensive research to make our debate as fruitful as possible. I will try my best to make sure that the committee has correct debating procedures. With that being said, I cannot wait to see you all at HIMUN VIII this March!

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