General assembly ONE: Disarmament and international security committee

Chair Reports



  Hello, Delegates!

My name is Emily Su, a senior at Hsinchu International School, and it is my utmost pleasure to be serving as your head chair for general assembly 1 at HIMUN V. I began my MUN journey four years ago in my freshmen of high school. Walking into my first ever MUN conference, I found myself astonished by the MUNers--passionately making speeches and raising POIs to resolve sensitive worldwide issues. Since then, I have attended approximately 10 conferences. MUN has enriched my understanding on international relations, enhanced my public speaking skills, and inspired me in becoming an active global citizen. Through MUN, I realized just how important our voices as teenagers could be in changing this world full of suffering into a place full of overcoming. Aside from MUN, I enjoy listening to music, binge-watching television series, and catching up on sleep. As your chair for GA1, I hope to make your HIMUN V experience as memorable as the past HIMUN conferences have been for me. Feel free to approach me if you have any questions or concerns!


Hi delegates! I’m Brendon Chen, a freshman at Taipei American school (TAS), and it is to my honor serving as your co-chair for GA1 in HIMUN V. This will be my 9th conference, and my 2nd time chairing. I started my MUN-journey in 7th grade, and it significantly changed my life; I became more confident, more disciplined, and made a lot more friends. With every conference, I learned something new, and I’m excited to learn something unique through you guys! Similarly, I guarantee that you will all take away something important through this experience, no matter if this is your first MUN conference or your 20th. A bit more about myself, I like to hangout with friends, do sports, watch Netflix, manage my fantasy basketball team, and I’m currently on the Taiwanese national chess team. Once again, feel free to ask me any questions, and I look forward to seeing you all in March. :)