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Human rights council

Chair Reports


Head Chair:

Maya Braunstein

Hello delegates! My name is Maya Braunstein and I am a junior at Hsinchu County American school. I am honored to be your president for the Human Rights Council. After falling in love with MUN during HIMUN V and attending other conferences as a delegate, I received my first chairing position at STMUN XIII and went on to chair three more times. I enjoy being a chair because I like being able to help people fall in love with MUN, just as my chairs did for me. However I am able to help, possibly through encouraging notes or support during lobbying, I am excited to meet all of you. I encourage everyone to do your research, familiarize yourself with the issue, and most importantly, have fun! Outside of MUN, I play basketball, watch Tiktok, and listen to Taylor Swift. If you have any questions, whether it is about MUN procedure, the issues we will debate on, or anything else, please reach out to me. Overall, I am very honored to be serving as your chair in the Human Rights Council and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in February!

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Tim Chao

Hello, delegates! I'm Tim Chao, currently a Junior at Asia American International Academy. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as your Deputy President for Human Rights Council at HIMUN VII. HIMUN VII will be my seventh conference and my first time chairing. I started my Model UN journey back in 10th grade to improve my debate ability and learn more about world issues. In my first conference, however, I became extremely nervous and found MUN as a whole to be quite daunting. After attending more conferences, I started to participate more actively in research, lobbying, and debate. Being one of the inexperienced delegates and knowing the stress that delegates may encounter and would strongly recommend everyone spend adequate time in preparation for the conference and pay attention to every speech, POI, and amendment to grow as a delegate. Aside from MUN, some of my other hobbies include coding, cross country, and fencing. I hope to make HIMUN VII a memorable conference for everyone. Wish you guys the best of luck and I look forward to seeing all of you in March!

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