Human rights council

Chair Reports

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Hello, delegates! My name is Kyra Dean, a current sophomore at Hsinchu International School. It is with utmost pleasure to be serving as your head chair in UNHRC for this year’s HIMUN VI conference. I have been participating in MUN since the seventh grade and HIMUN VI will be the 13th conference I've attended.


As I am always very adamant in making sure my voice is heard; I make sure that my mind is spoken and that I am able to have a platform to engage my opinions and the discussion for solutions. In the first step to solving issues, it is vital to be aware and educated about the background of issues. This is what MUN is about and I feel MUN is a way for people at such a young age, like us, to contribute their voices to society. 


Seeing as I was once sitting in the same seats they sat in my first HIMUN conference, I want to make myself as approachable as possible, giving delegates every opportunity to ask me about the issue at hand. In order to bring about the highest quality of debate to the committee, I highly encourage all delegates to prepare background research and gather solid arguments to discuss. New delegates may feel shy to speak up at first because they are unsure of the debate procedure and their respective country stances, but I want to be the one to provide them with the confidence they need to approach the podium and voice their opinions.


With that being said,  I truly cannot wait to see you all at HIMUN VI this March! 

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Deputy President:


Hello delegates! My name is Sophia Wu, a current sophomore at Asia American International Academy. I am thrilled to be serving as your deputy president for the Human Rights Council at HIMUN V. My MUN journey embarked during my freshman year, hoping to improve my confidence in public speaking. I started out as a shy delegate and MUN has opened my eyes to multiple perspectives on global issues and provided me an opportunity to be a global citizen in my community. From my first conference till now, MUN has given an extensive knowledge of pressing global issues and proven to me that MUN isn’t only about political discussions. Since this will be my second time chairing, I will do my best to help all delegates to build on their resolutions. I hope this conference will inspire you to continue your MUN journey. Aside from MUN, my other hobbies include reading, running, and binging Netflix shows. I am excited to see all of you in March!