Human rights council

Chair Reports


Hello delegates! My name is Karen Tsung, a junior at IBSH, and I will be serving as your president for HRC. I joined MUN in seventh grade as a way to improve my knowledge on public affairs and social atmosphere, not knowing that I would be educated on controversial stances that require critical thinking and negotiating abilities. Looking back, MUN over the past four years has taught me a wide repertoire, including writing, leadership, and critical thinking assets. What MUN teaches indirectly through experience is persistence and a headstrong mindset while preserving country stances, as well as learning how to organizedly form resolutions with other delegates. Overall, I hope this conference serves as a chance for you to improve your perception and knowledge on global issues! Please don't hesitate to ask Kyra or I if you have any questions or concerns!

Deputy President:

Hello delegates! My name is Kyra Dean. I am a freshman in Hsinchu International School and will be serving as your deputy president in the Human Rights Council for this year’s HIMUN V conference. I have been participating in MUN since the seventh grade and HIMUN V will be my 7th conference. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and binge watching Netflix shows. One of my greatest accomplishments is memorizing the rap lyrics to every single Nicki Minaj song. If being a businesswoman doesn’t work out for me, becoming tik tok famous is always an option. I am very adamant about my voice being heard (even if it means having my tik tok moves being shown to gen z). I make sure that my mind is spoken and that I am able to have a platform to engage my opinions and the discussion for solutions. In the first step to solving issues, it is vital to be aware of the background of issues. This is what MUN is about and I feel MUN is a way for people at such a young age, like us, to contribute their voices to society. That being said, if anyone is looking for a partner to make tik toks with, I’m your girl.