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General assembly six:
Legal committee

Chair Reports

Ivy Malster

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Greetings, delegates!

I am Ivy Malster, a junior at Taipei Kuei Shan School. It is my utmost honour to serve as your Head Chair in this year’s General Assembly 6 committee. This conference will be my 17th conference and 5th time chairing. My MUN journey started in 7th grade, and throughout this journey, the most important thing I learned is to never be afraid. As a MUN newbie, I was always too scared to speak. Yet after being prepared and stepping up, everything immediately brightened up. Doing detailed research helped me become confident and engage in debates more. By being engaged, I was then able to improve skills, meet new friends, and win prizes. So to all delegates, my biggest advice is to be prepared and be brave. Outside of MUN, I enjoy listening to music, travelling, and I am also a massive fan of premier league team Nottingham Forest (best team ever!!). Lastly, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Can’t wait to see you all in March!

Mischa Chou

Dear HIMUN VIII delegates, 

My name is Mischa Chou, a junior from Asia American International Academy, and I am so excited to serve as your Co-Chair of the General Assembly!


I started my MUN journey in seventh grade when one of my teachers encouraged me to attend STMUN in 2019. While I was well prepared with both my opening speeches and resolutions, the thing that I was not prepared for was the amount of impromptu speeches that I had to make. I remember dreading being called up for speeches and hoping that nobody had any POIs for me. Since then, I have enjoyed debating much more and have made so many new friends. 


HIMUN 2024 marks my nineteenth conference, my first time as a chair, and it is my honor to spend it with you guys. Throughout my MUN journey, one thing I have learned is to not be afraid to message your chairs if you have any questions about the chair report or your stance. And with that, you can reach me at or on Instagram Other than MUN, I also enjoy playing volleyball, reading, and singing my heart out to One Direction and Taylor Swift. If you have any questions, remember, my DMs are always open.


See you guys in March!!

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