Dabin Kim

Greetings to all of HIMUN V participants! 

My name is Dabin Kim, and I'm a senior from Hsinchu International School. It is my greatest pleasure to be serving as your Secretary-General in HIMUN V.

I started my MUN journey when I was in ninth grade and have participated in many conferences around Taiwan since then. Before joining MUN, I never paid attention to any current events and was unfamiliar with international news. However, after joining MUN, I learned that we could spread awareness for current social, political, and economic issues, and understand their importance by discussing and sharing our insights. Even though we cannot influence the world directly, we can change our views and pay more attention to current events, and from there, inspire concrete action and change. MUN has also encouraged me to make more diverse friends across the world. If I hadn't joined MUN, I would never have imagined that I would make lifelong friends in two days. I had my first chairing experience in HIMUN III and worked as an Under-Secretary-General of Administration in HIMUN IV. All of those experiences were unforgettable and life-learning lessons. So, I hope everyone can experience something significant from HIMUN V.  Besides MUN, I enjoy playing volleyball, reading, and watching Netflix or movies. As your SG this year, I look forward to making this conference memorable for every participant, no matter your role in this conference. I hope HIMUN V will be an unforgettable experience for all of us, and I look forward to meeting you all!

Deputy Secretary-General:

Yuk Siong Wilson Tang


Hello, and welcome to HIMUN V! I’m Wilson Tang, and I’m currently studying at Hsinchu International School as a junior. I am beyond honored to be serving as your Deputy Secretary-General for HIMUN V. Since joining MUN in 7th grade, I’ve attended numerous conferences, as a delegate and a chair. HIMUN conferences have always been memorable for me-- HIMUN I served as my first MUN conference, HIMUN II was the first conference where I represented a P5 nation, and HIMUN III marked my first time representing an observer state. HIMUN V will be my first time serving in the secretariat and I hope to present to you the best MUN experience possible!


MUN has played a pivotal role in helping me with public speaking. Although many may argue that MUN doesn’t really bring concrete change, I personally see MUN conferences as new opportunities for one to learn the art of debate and negotiate terms until an unanimous consensus is reached. It allows us to, most importantly, take part in solving international crises as young adults. 


No matter if you’re an admin, delegate, or press team member, HIMUN V will be able to open your mind. What’s most important is that every participant will see how they have grown as a person after the conference. My view is simply to have delegates be proactive in solving global issues and speak up, whether it’s just a single POI, speech, or amendment. With that being said, I look forward to meeting you all! 

Deputy Secretary-General:

Tyler Edwards

Welcome to HIMUN V! My name is Tyler Edwards, I am 17 years old, and I am currently a senior studying at Hsinchu International School, and I will be serving as your Deputy Secretary-General this year. 
I’ve been in MUN since the beginning of seventh grade, joining the club to help my public speaking ability and to have something to do. Before MUN, I had no real interest in world events and had little interest in debate as a whole, but something about my first conference lit a spark of curiosity in me. The more I participated in MUN, the more I began to realize how fascinating politics could be, and how vital it was that I expose myself to the rest of the world. I’ve attended roughly 17 conferences throughout middle and high school, and each one has opened my eyes to new global issues and new perspectives, whilst also allowing me to develop in public speaking and debate. Further, I have made lifelong friends by participating in MUN, and have become both more confident and more articulate. 
I hope that HIMUN V has the same lasting impact on everyone that attends as MUN has had on me, and inspires some of you to become more worldly in general. I look forward to seeing delegates pushing themselves to develop creative solutions and debate to refine resolutions to be the best that they can be, and I cannot wait to meet you all! See you soon!