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Kyra Dean

Welcome to HIMUN VIIl! My name is Kyra Dean, a current senior at Hsinchu International School. I am beyond thrilled to be serving as your Parliamentarian at this year’s HIMUN VIII conference. 


I joined MUN in the seventh grade and was far from the debater I have become today. But still, ambitious and willing to learn as I was, I slowly worked my way up. I struggled with the typical anxiety of public speaking and the frustration of workload, but I was also honored with memorable experiences and connections all across the MUN community. MUN has not only taught me the importance of continuously educating myself but also how much I can learn from the people and world around me. I have attended over 17 conferences in my five years of Model UN. A platform with a collection of equally driven people is rare to find and one I would be more than honored to contribute to at this year’s conference.


Regardless if you are an admin, press team member, delegate, or chair, I hope you will be able to leave this HIMUN conference with memories you can treasure forever. The most important thing to remember when coming to a MUN conference is that every participant will be able to see how much they have grown as a person after leaving the conference. With that said, I look forward to seeing you all actively preparing for both your and the world’s future through debate! Best of luck to you all!

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Yebin Kim

I am Yebin Kim, a senior at Hsinchu International School. I am highly honored to serve as your Secretary-General for this year’s HIMUN VIII conference.


My MUN career began in eighth grade as an inexperienced and anxious delegate who joined MUN just to enhance my debating and public speaking skills. As I attended more and more conferences, MUN not only made me comfortable exercising public speaking but also bridged the gap between myself and the world. I became acquainted with the challenges and conflicts that the world is experiencing, and MUN provided me with a greater understanding of the complexity of international relations. The resolutions that the delegates came to a consensus through hours of debating and revising might not be used to solve the actual global issues; however, I believe the process of negotiating and thinking critically in coming up with feasible solutions allows you to become a problem solver and raise your awareness of the world. 


Regardless of whether you are a chair, delegate, director, admin staff, or press team member, I wholeheartedly hope to provide worthwhile experience to every one of you via HIMUN VIII. With that being said, I look forward to meeting you all at the conference!!


Deputy Secretary-General:

Coral Hazeldine

I am Coral Hazeldine, a Junior from Hsinchu International School, and I am incredibly thrilled and grateful to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General.


With HIMUN VIII, it marks my 11th conference attended. MUN is like nothing I have ever experienced. The remarkable mix of the eerily intimidating debate rooms, where I have had my fair share of embarrassing moments, and the welcoming community in which I have met some of the coolest people excites me. More importantly, the opportunities MUN gives me keeps me are what keep me so committed to it. Being in MUN means I have endless chances to educate myself on the world and make sure my voice is heard.

Outside of the committee room, if I am not stressing out about my APs or fawning over Taylor Swift, you will probably find me rewatching every single Disney Movie on Disney+, doing anything art-related, exercising, or buying books I know deep down I will never read.

If you have any queries, MUN or non-MUN related, however small they may be, my DMs are always open! I know how enriching a positive MUN experience can be, so I will do everything I can as a member of the Secretariat team to ensure HIMUN VIII will be an unforgettable conference for all of you. I cannot wait to see all of you in March :D

Deputy Secretary-General:

Yunju Paek

I am Yunju Paek, and I’m a junior at Hsinchu International School. I am pleased to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General for HIMUN VII this year.

I was in eighth grade when I first joined MUN. As a new delegate, I did not know what MUN was and was very nervous to speak in front of people. I gained only 2 speaker points in my first MUN conference, HSINMUN XVI. However, this conference is remembered as an experience where I had a chance to stand on my country’s stance and learn more about other people’s perspectives. Throughout my MUN journey, I have developed public speaking, researching, debating, and problem-solving skills. It also helped me be more aware of world issues. 

Outside of MUN, I enjoy spending time watching mukbang, listening to music, and searching for random facts.

I sincerely hope that HIMUN VIII helps you think more about our world and improve your public speaking skills. I look forward to seeing delegates actively participating in the conference. I look forward to meeting you all!


Deputy Secretary-General of Administration:

Josephine Tang

I am Josephine Tang, a Junior from Hsinchu International School, and I am incredibly excited and grateful to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General of Administration.

HIMUN VIII will be my 11th conference. I became involved in MUN since 8th grade, and as a new delegate, experienced some intense moments in the committee room. However, I have grown to love the exciting debate and sometimes ridiculous formality. To me, MUN serves as a platform for delegates to advocate for and grasp their country's stance, enhance global awareness, and consider perspectives from different people, recognizing their potential impact on real issues in the real world. MUN has not only opened a whole door to knowledge about politics, history, and geography but has also planted in me the insight and courage to speak about real-world challenges. 

If I am not busy writing chair reports or stressing about my APs, you will find me reading, looking for more books to read, or bookmarking videos I know I will never watch. 

With that said, I sincerely hope that all admin, press, delegates, student officers, and teachers who attend HIMUN VIII can contribute to and appreciate this conference. I look forward to seeing productive and meaningful debates and meeting you all!

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