About our keynote speaker

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and its annual World Health Assembly (WHA) are the current largest and most extensive platforms on the global health agenda, and in the recent playout of its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Taiwan has displayed an utmost respect for medical innovation and its tie-ins with public and foreign policy despite its not having a concrete vision or voice on the international stage. Taiwan has been unable to participate in the World Health Assembly since 2017 due to a conflict of policy interest amongst member nations.


In the eyes of its 23 million citizens, Taiwan has been participating in public health matters from the sidelines, and several policy groups have sprung up to advocate for change to let Taiwan contribute with its exemplary health insurance and its experience in combating COVID-19. One such group is led by our honourable keynote speaker, Dr. Kuan Yu Chiang (姜冠宇醫師).

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Dr. Chiang has long dedicated his professional life to providing Taiwan a voice on the international medical platform, advocating towards organisations such as the ICRC and the WHO and recently establishing the new Taiwan Association for Global Health Diplomacy. The Taiwan Association for Global Health Diplomacy, founded in Fall 2019, is an NGO operated by young entrepreneurs specialising in fields such as medicine and healthcare, foreign diplomacy, business marketing, graphic design, biomedical research, language translation, and media management. Spearheaded by Dr. Chiang, who is a retired resident hospital doctor, the team focuses on tackling the pertinent medical issues and promoting foreign policy in terms of Taiwan's involvement on the international healthcare platform.

To learn more, visit the official website for the Taiwan Association for Global Health Diplomacy:


Allow every individual who are about health in Taiwan an opportunity to influence the world." -  Taiwan Association for Global Health Diplomacy