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About our keynote speaker

As a young man who spent one official day as an undocumented refugee from the Soviet Union, Dr. Alexander Waits vowed to dedicate his life to public health.


As a caregiver, case manager, and later psychotherapist in a children's home in war-torn Israel, Dr. Waits found himself being inspired everyday by children who, despite the hardships dealt to them, found it within themselves to smile.


As a fresh-faced PhD student new to Taiwan, Dr. Waits worked hard to make a name for himself in the public health field, emerging as an expert on maternal and child health, environmental health, mental health, and Chinese medicine (he speaks four languages, too!).


As a published researcher and assistant professor lecturing for the International Health Program (IHP) at the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), Dr. Waits has found his place as an advocate amidst the pandemic's new political landscape, in an international academic niche where government and health intersect, where the vice president of the school is former AIT director William Stanton. 

Dr. Waits is beyond excited to be sharing his story of being at the forefront of receiving and giving care while in crisis, and as a veteran in public health he will be providing us with key insight in how anyone, regardless of nationality, background, and experience, can develop a platform for advocacy rooted in education.

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